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the input you create is saved in your browser local storage.

start each macro with a ! and then the name.

for attacks start the line with melee or ranged and the modifier.

words like agile, sweep, or hunted can be used with attacks.

for ranged attacks add the range followed by ft. for example 60ft for a shortbow.

include a damage type for damage. like piercing, slashing, fire, cold, or force.

you can use shorthand damage types as well like p s b or p/s for veristile weapons.

lines that start with . are skills. follow the . with the name of the skill and the modifier.

start a line with abilities then followed by the modifiers for str dex con int wis cha.

the same goes for saves followed by modifiers for fort ref will.

the output type "character" is for my own roll20 api script.

the output type "vttes json" is for the vtt enhancement suite character importer.

I know the documentation isn't much right now, but you can always look at the source.